Wednesday, May 04, 2005

east anglia to the north west

- screenwash
- diesel
- sandwich (late-date)
- coke
- gum
- music
- zero mileage

up the sliproad on the dual
through the box out in the fast lane
eightyplus way down to forty
single lane cue trucks & tractors

A-Four-Seven concrete heaven
there’s another illegal mobile
join him now unzip my sandwich
load the cd handsfree drive.

king’s lynn ringroad steadyeddy
wronglanesundaydriver slows me
into third swear at the grunter
lurch through roundabout to exit
up the ramp A-Seventeen deadly
read the sign this is a red route:

eighty-three killed so far this year
faded flowers on makeshift kerbshrines
suicidal audi screams past
keen to test out einstein’s theory
barely makes it scammell snarling
nearly number eighty-four.

out across the fens in slo mo
see the migrants cutting cabbages
on the fields since six this morning
working twelve hour days for pennies
pay the gangmaster his bounty
sleep in icecold crowded houses
dream about the distant sweetheart
read again her latest news.

drag on to the sleaford bypass
gatsos threatening twice they’ve had me
moneymaking one-eyed bandits
three points sixty pounds & postage
each & every time they catch you
dreaming at the wheel of fortune
silver city walter mitty
sell the film rights stage the prize fights
literary actuary

on to newark hit the real road
A-One-M but when I’ve joined it
lakes & river trent to look at
while the holdup lasts forever.

in the name of road improvement
gangs & gangs of orange roadmen
yellow-hatted groups in conference
flashing amber lights on D9s
nothing moving no one working
just here for the calendar shoot.

lose an hour maybe longer
clear the jam to send me wheeling
up the backbone of the country
retford doncaster behind me.

been five hours since the sandwich
coke’s all drunk up gum’s all spit out
see the cooling towers steaming
ferrybridge M-Sixty-Two.

motorway I hate your rhythm
friday night all radio stations
wallow in the carnage horror
queues & logjams hour on hour
here the nightmare traffic madness
crowded crush hour claustrophobic
nothing for it but to fight it
all across the chest of england.

late & later make it latest
longest time it’s ever taken
overtaking weekend thinking
fastlane dozing eyelids falling
blue light red light blue light red.

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