Wednesday, May 04, 2005

White Ridge, Baslow

Experts overhaul us
in Gortex and gaiters,
lurid socks that pulsate
as they clump past.
The two of us,
More M & S and D & G
than Craghopper or Berghaus,
we just don’t go for this
stridy, shrunk pedalpusher,
knotted calf-muscle look.
Leaving off
the Speedos and Birkenstocks
for sensible, preppy chic,
we rockhop, saunter,
amble the eight mile circuit
feeling very Sunday and undemanded.
The experts lap us
in their briskness.
We’d rather hold the views off the ridge,
talk of years to come,
hold hands where the path widens
deep in this Derbyshire autumn.

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