Monday, April 23, 2007

Scream of consciousness

the fashionista turns to beige
the S & M-er locks his cage
the herbalist consults her sage
the plagiarist insults his page

the atheist stands centre stage
the eagle swoops and screams in rage
the green can’t live without his gauge
and zeitgeist quickly comes of age

the seer sees but wants to suck it
the pessimist still needs his bucket
and every Nan must have her tucket
with the Union Gap and Gary Puckett

a million pound bonus in the city
three streets away kids plead for pity
the gangsta thinks he’s cool and witty
but the exit wounds are none too pretty

the pendolino leaves the track
while babies cry from crack and smack
the fascist flies his union jack
a death a minute in Iraq

Da Vinci stirs and checks his code
the warriors love their wars and woad
the rucksack hides its hideous load
when will the next red bus explode

another day of hows and whys
another big mac coke and fries
it’s gimmee gimmee oil and lies
and gods and lies and men and lies

the fashionista turns to grey
the S & M-er gasps all day
the herbalist drowns in the bay
the eagle seeks a different prey

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