Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Trash Press

Today I found myself in a waiting area with only trash to read. On page 26 of the horrendous Daily Mail the headline reads ‘The British workers denied jobs because they can’t speak Polish’. This extremely badly written piece of tripe by Andy Dolan refers to a comment by a Tory MP Malcom Ross at a parliamentary committee session last week: ‘A woman came into my surgery and told me about her daughter’s experience when she was looking for work’.

Not only did this happen (allegedly) over a year ago, but the MP rather conveniently did not have any details e.g. the date, the woman’s mother’s name, the factory involved. It’s a bit like the Martian I saw yesterday in Morrison’s. I can’t quite remember his name but I distinctly remember him telling me that David Cameron was God. So it must be true.

Note how the Mail reporter extrapolates this single apocryphal statement into a headline implying that more than one person, fictitious or not, (‘workers’) was involved. Of course, a truthful headline such as ‘Tory MP alleges that one girl’s mother told him a story about a year ago but has nothing to substantiate the tale’ won’t sell trash.

Just in case I thought Andy Dolan to be an exception, today’s Daily Express carries yet more evidence of our garbage problem. Patrick O’Flynn (Chief Political Reporter) refers to the ‘tidal wave of humanity which has flowed here from Eastern Europe’ and to ‘importing two million extra people into Britain’. Even the Mail’s exaggerated figures can only come up with 800,000 which we are told ‘some experts’ have quoted – i.e. the racist far right Migrationwatch or maybe the one-cells from the BNP. But O’Flynn’s finest line refers to his abomination of ‘the liberal metropolitan types who dominate politics and the media’. Ah, if only they did!

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