Monday, June 25, 2007

Withering Wakefield Saturday 23rd June 2007

On Saturday three of us went to Wakefield Theatre Royal. I love our provincial theatres. The foyer and bar at the Wakefield were pretty original and painted in a wonderful, sleazy green. The main auditorium had what appeared to be a cleaned or retouched ceiling and as much plasterwork and gilt cornice as anyone would want. A delightful little venue.

Our trip was to see ‘Withering Looks’ starring Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding who together with their team make up the Manchester-based Lipservice theatre company. This was superb performance. Both actors have an exceptional ability to interact with the audience. Maggie Fox combines the best of Joyce Grenfell and Frances de Latour, and Sue Ryding is equally adept at contorted expressions. As a duo they have that effortless timing and understanding which only few achieve.

‘Withering Looks’, now in its 22nd year has lost none of its appeal, being as witty and entertaining a tour of the Bronte sisters as ever. However, it is only one in a series of comedies that Lipservice has produced and fans will be looking forward to the forthcoming ‘Live and Let’s Dye’ (with Jane Bond) which starts its tour this autumn.

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