Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dance: World Premiere of ‘Infinity’.

Saturday night saw a superb performance by the Rambert Dance Company at The Lowri.

The first piece ‘L’√©veil’ , choreographed by Melanie Teall and featuring singer Melanie Marshall singing Kurt Weil’s ‘Je ne t’aime pas’ and Bricusse’s ‘Feeling Good’ explored aspects of femininity in new and thoughtful ways and was well received by the audience.

Then ‘Stand and Stare’, a brilliant look at the emotions behind Lowri’s paintings, choreographed by Darshan Singh Bhuller with music by Bartok took the whole evening to another level.

Karole Armitage's ‘Gran Partita’ set to Mozart featured one of the tenderest of lovers’ trysts ever depicted through dance. Sensory overload indeed.

The final work, the premiered ‘Infinity’ with its visceral electronic music, explored the human condition with clawing gestures and reptilean costumes. The audience went wild and rightly so. This was phenomenally good dance, the sort of performance that is welded into memory forever.
Choreography Garry Stewart, music Luke Smiles.

Astounding, disturbing, memorable, unique.