Friday, October 05, 2007

Overdrive Success

OVERDRIVE 1 : Tuesday 2nd October 2007 at The Phoenix.

There were 20 performances in all:

2 classical pieces by a group from Chorley
3 spots of poetry accompanied by music
2 R&B / rock mixes on CD
2 keyboard-accompanied ballads
3 Nigerian songs
8 new songs accompanied by guitar(s)

Feedback (via anonymous forms) from musicians and audience was totally positive, people especially liking:

‘the bonhomie of the evening’
‘nice mix of material’
‘the diversity’
‘the variety’
‘the classical music group, James Hartnell, everything’ (whoever this was, your cheque’s in the post)
‘safe environment for new talent, appreciative audience, (I) like the environment of the Phoenix, well MC’d’
‘the atmosphere of support and acceptance, the facility to provide a stage for people who haven’t performed before’
‘originality, creative encouragement of event’
‘eclectic mix and interesting idea’
‘the variety of acts’
‘the atmosphere – relaxed and fun’

Participants were aged from about 10 yrs and up and included Amber Milton-White, Abi Idowu, 6 members of the Brett family, Luke Harrison, Mark Jones, Chris McWilliam, Dave Strickleton, Alan Gray, Bill Brierley, Don Parry and James Hartnell.

The next event, called cryptically OVERDRIVE 2 will take place on Tuesday 6th November(date to be confirmed) at The Phoenix starting at 7.30 pm. Details will be sent to those interested very soon. I hope you may be able to join us for OVERDRIVE 2.

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