Friday, December 07, 2007

Overdrive 3

Another successful evening of beautiful music. The past two Overdrives have seen classical music and Indian sitars and tabla as the driving force. we were so lucky tonight to have the amazing drumming of Nat Bliney from the African Association to animate the evening.

Overdrive has warped a little to engage more young people involvement - always an essential aim - and it was great to hear performers as young as 14 doing their stuff via scenes from a play and covers of standards from the charts. A one off was the video presentation by Kris of his wrestling exploits - pure kitsch and pure enjoyment for most of the crowd.

So many artists, so much joy. If I had to single out a most memorable moment... it would be David Strickleton's astonishingly good song which he also performed at Riders on Friday: a song that reaches into you, viscerally, an absolute belter. I will hopefully put this on line soon. It is the best song I have heard in years. Huge amounts of creativity and sheer talent on this night and still the throngs stay at home glued to their boxes. Twas ever thus I suppose, but there is nothing that can compare to the real, live thing.

Some generously gave up their spots to allow for youthful indulgence on the part of others. It didn't go unappreciated and hopefully we will make amends at future events. Particular thanks to Gerry O'Gorman who motored from college to get there in time for his spot: a true pro.

With the dynamics shift, I hope we won't lose the faith in terms of Overdrive's essentials of creating new music and pushing the envelope. I suspect Mr Average does not know how hard it is to cooordinate such an enterprise: as with most things in life, there are always those who make allowances for those who won't.

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