Thursday, August 28, 2008


Accelerating around this bolgia
for a fortnight: now it’s time.
These collisions will explode
the pondering of centuries.

The Atlas detector’s 1000 megapixel subatomic
camera surveys a billion points of impact:
the world’s fastest lenses blink, focus smugly,
million-gig computer banks across the planet
hum hungry for data, for deity.

Fifty years’ thinking destroyed in a millionth
of a second, unless Atlas finds the Higgs boson,
God particle, universe glue. Seed of dark
matter, dream until now. Birth and decay.

Hawking, who has lain with God, predicts these new
man-made black holes will self-destruct.
The rest of us wait in ignorant, fearful humility.

This is the second dawn of creation:
new dimensions arc and crackle
around the essence of life distilled
in the genesis machine
and God withdraws his hand.