Monday, July 18, 2011

And the judge said...

Bank Street Writers
International Short Story Competition 2011
Judged by Joan Park, novelist.


1st Prize £75.00
Parsons and Pretenders (Austentatious) by Andrew Campbell-Kearsey, Brighton.
‘An imaginative title and a good opening line create interest. The writer shows a good use of language and I enjoyed his alliteration and play on words. The reference to celebrities puts the story in time and place and the ending rounds off the story perfectly. Emotion: Laughter.’

2nd Prize £50.00
A Prescription for Horror by Ken Marshall, Torfaen.
‘A clever title sets the scene for this powerful story. I enjoy binary combinations and here we have innocence v testosterone fuelled wickedness. An excellent short story where a lot is said in a few words. Emotion: Dread.’

3rd Prize £25.00
Statues by Sue Johnson, Pershore.
‘Here we have a formidable boy meets girl story. We know how it is going to end but the getting there is enjoyable. The alliteration – clearing clutter, finished by Friday, damage was drop-dead gorgeous, all flowed beautifully. Emotion: Satisfaction.’

Two stories were Highly Commended:

Maiden Voyage by Norman Kitching, Gosport.
‘A good title, a sense of place and a character who we can relate to set the scene for this story. Life gets in the way of most of our dreams but Sadie hangs on to hers and we can applaud her for this. A Twist in the Tale ending is not always successful, but we have it here and it works. Emotion: Surprise.’

High Hopes by Sarah Evans, Welwyn Garden City.
‘An emotional story with a lot of believable dialogue between mother and son. We all want our children to be ‘normal’ and fit in and in this story we share the mother’s frustration when her son doesn’t conform. Emotion: Pity.’

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