Thursday, May 03, 2012

And some

Unfortunately, I have ignored Phil Crippen's advice that a blog is not just for Christmas and haven't posted for ages so here's the nooz.

1.The Bank Street Writers' latest competition is for one act plays. An easy 75 smackeroonies could be yours just by penning a winning one act play and entering the comp. Details on the Bank Street Writers Website.

2. My shortlived love affair with the Huff Post is over. I had got so used to the garbage on AOL that I thought the Huff had higher if. If anything it is even more celebritized (scilicet trivial) than AOL.

3. An excellent recent article on the Occupy movement by Naom Chomski in the Guardian. Important reading.

4. Bank Street Writers this week visited Bolton Museum and were regaled with resources provided by their untiring staff. Thank you so much for that.

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