Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bank Street Play Writing Competition Latest

 The last few entries for the Bank Street Writers Play Writing Competition have been coming in this week and  it is interesting to note that there was only one American entry though we had entries from several other countries. I suspect this was due to a) poor advertising stateside and b) the entry fee being in sterling. I will try to let more American sites know about future competitions and also persuade my venerable colleagues that we should accept payment in USD which may help. I will also ask some of my American contacts to suggest where we could advertise. In the U.K. we advertise our competitions  to two hundred writers' groups and in various writing magazines.

So over the weekend I will get all the scripts to our judge, Jolyon Coombs and he will then have the happy task of reading loads of one act plays and picking the best ones which will be staged at the Little Theatre in Bolton. . In August I will publish the results and the judge's comments which always make interesting reading.

Good luck to all those who have entered.

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