Thursday, May 03, 2012

Teaching an old blog new tricks

This why I hate IE

5. This has been the shortest April on record since records began. I don't know where it went, except that wherever it went, it went very wet.

6. Musically, things are a bit quiet around here at present gigwise, but I'm hoping Brad will come up with some monster hidden talent soon. For my sins, I am working on a transposition of Holdsworth's lyrical Sphere of Innocence at the moment though there have to be some compromises because a standard guitar won't do baritone. I may also resurrect my guitar version of Eric Whitaker's Sleep. Not that anyone would know wtf I was playing.

7. Film poets and put them on youtube and they get maybe 60 hits in a couple of years. Put on a basic intro to guitar chords for non standard tuning and you get thousands of hits in a short time. Clear there are more twangers than onthewordsofhangers.

8. I'm waiting for someone to put a handle on these post-realist times we live in. What we call reality TV is really surreality. Who would have thought that our present day redtops would survive by not containing any news at all except rumours of possible sightings of a nobrain nobody doing absolutely nothing of consequence?

Dormez bien, mes amis.

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