Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Best of Bolton

On Friday 31st January at the Octagon Theatre at 7.30 pm we will be able to hear a selection of writing by Boltonians including many contributions by Bank Street Writers. I always seem to be elsewhere when this is on but am making an effort this year to be there. Tickets are available from the Octagon. I am informed the event sells out.

Grey Mare Rivington, Monday 13th January

We were slightly down in numbers with only ten musicians at this singalong, but the quality was good. As expected, there were quite a few Everlys tributes given the recent demise of Phil Everly. A wide range of other music was played ranging from the Beatles to traditional folk songs to Gershwin to players' own compositions. This evening is a good opportunity for local musicians to try out their material in a supportive environment. Most solo efforts are accompanied instrumentally and vocally by other musos present. I'll try to remember to take some photos next time.