Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Grey Mare, Monday 10th February

  There were a few more players in attendance on Monday and a couple of new voices in great harmony. For a change, as the regular bass player was on holiday, we had an excellent double bass which fitted in very well.

  I managed to forget the camera and the phone so no photos again but next time...  I did a couple of Gershwin instrumental numbers and an old Michael Murphy song, Calico Silver. Highlight of the evening for me was a Tom Waits G minor blues by Eric and Ian that was really well performed.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Best Of Bolton

                                        The audience starts to settle in for the Best of Bolton

  This event was a very pleasant surprise for me. Not only was the Octagon Studio full but the actors' (Hilton and Amy's) interpretation of the stories and poems was astonishingly good, as was the direction by Elizabeth and Amy.

  The standard of work was variable but generally extremely high. The actors managed to lift even the less impressive pieces and invest them with insightful reading.  One or two of the stories suffered in my opinion from an excess of Victoria Wood or even Balzac - so rambling or so detailed that the plot got left behind.  Unnecessary adverbs on the signifiers (not quite 'asked inquisitively' but getting close), put in an appearance, but most of the stories were well written and got deserved applause. The poetry was a mixture with not too many tumteetum forced rhymers or imageless rants and many that I wished I had written.

  For one awful minute I thought my phone had rung but it was the woman's next to me and it stopped quite quickly. Unbelievably, another member of the audience kept looking at her phone and reading texts on it, casually, not in any urgent sort of way. Same person managed to make a lot of noise eating an ice cream. I was tempted to shove the latter in her visage.

  In all there were three hours of excellent interpretation of writers from all over Bolton. It is possible the event may move to the main theatre next year. Bank Street Writers were out in force. A very enjoyable evening.